the consumer did not think of the problem
but also to enhance the product. Service, we can not do the consumer did not think of the problem, not just how the floor shop, so that consumer satisfaction, these are what you should do. Can you add more services that consumers do not expect? For example, the floor of the health treatment, the use of functional, future maintenance, and floor defects, have to tell consumers how to prevent how to use the floor time can be longer. For enterprises to have the problem of resource integration. This time to lead, very important point is the problem of resource integration. One is your upstream, how to integrate; then the capital market, which is our next round of development is a great opportunity, but also very challenging question. Nearly two or three years, our industry may have several listed companies. Related links: outdoor wpc decking market spain paint wood plastic composite lumber flooring free plans for a 6 foot bench

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