Exchange Guidelines
Exchange Central is a community service for the members of The Interhub Forum. This is a special service where parties agree to exchange forum posts, affiliates, comments or social media likes/follow and other intangible items. This can be a great way to boost your target goal.

By participating on Exchange Central, you agree to the following:
  • Fulfill Obligation - When you participated in this exchange service, you are expected to do your part, otherwise, anyone that is found to have failed to fulfill his/her obligation will be suspended from the Exchange Central, or be banned from The Interhub Forum.
  • Reputation Exchange Forbidden - You should only give a Reputation if one deserves so; exchanging Reputation with other users is strictly forbidden.
  • Await Post Response - Please await for the other side's response especially of the original poster, before you initiate any Exchange program.
  • Report Scammer - If you were scammed, please PM "Cloud" and together with all relevant details and proof (screenshots are appreciated).
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