Do you have any pets?
Pets are not for everyone. In fact, it is not something that one should take casually as they require a great deal of responsibility. In my opinion when you have a pet you are essentially adding an addition to the family and you must treat them as such. I think it's terrible when parents get their children a pet but do not enforce the responsibilities of taking of them and in the end it is the animal that suffers.

I have two dogs. Balthazar is my short haired chihuahua mix. Kimo is my long haired chihuahua mix. I also have a cat named Percy.

Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.
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I have one dog. Her name is Gizmo. She's eight years old, but getting sick. She's not potty-trained and she just had surgery. She goes around the house eating things that are not edible. One day, she decided to eat a rubber bracelet, and it got stuck in her. We paid $2000 for her to get fixed. She's doing so much better.
I have my pet cat Misty. She is the most adorable thing to walk the earth. Her previous owners kinda spoiled her a lot and kept her inside, which resulted in her being a bit fat and very lazy. She is a few years old and is extremely simple for a cat. Food, water, warmth and occasional attention. I prefer cats over dogs because I see them as easier to take care of but also because I've had negative experiences with dogs in the past. I've started to appreciate them, but I will always be a cat person.
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I have a DOG, I got her last year November 2014.
I named her Shinya. She's a mix breed of pomeranian and Shih Tzu.
but she look like shih tzu but her siblings are poms..
her coat is black. but she has golden fur on her eyebrows and feet.

she's sweet, and hyper energetic. she love tall places. she like to jump.
and when I scold her she's put her head down. when she's in the mirror
she often bark to herself. she often stole the food in our table.

but I left home, so I missed her so much. Cry

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I don't have any pets at the moment because my parents don't really like them at all so until I move out of this house I won't get/have any. I would love to maybe one day get a Huskey or maybe if I'm super rich a baby tiger Big Grin, they just look so amazing and I doubt they'd bite me either xD
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I understand that not everyone is going to be an animal lover like me. But most people I know, have figured out I have a dog at my house. They know that going in. If I don't know or if I'm not sure if they know about it, then I'll tell them about my dog. If people don't like animals then that is fine. They don't have to come over to my house then. I'm not going to get rid of my dog just because someone else doesn't like animals but I also don't force my love for animals on others.

Anyway, back on topic. I just have one dog. I've thought about getting a cat but I'm not sure if my dog will like it or not because she is use to getting all of the attention.
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I have one dog and two fish. My dog is a little black pug, and my two fish are goldfish. I know that it's not too exciting, but I love them all the same!
I have to agree, pets are not for everybody, some people don't understand that once you take in a pet, it should be forever and you need to be ready to provide them with the best care possible. I have two dogs, both of them female and both of them Dachshunds. Moka is the one on my avatar, she's 3 years old and I can swear she's one of the laziest dogs I've ever seen, she spends her time cuddling on my lap or sleeping on the couch, if the weather is nice and she feels inspired, she ventures out in the garden for a little walk and more sleeping under the sun. The other one is named Diana, she's 7 years old, she's very sweet and she's very proficient in hunting lizards. I like to think of my dogs as family members, they are my beloved furry babies and they make my life better.
I have a crazy border collie. He's six. As much as I love him, it's very much a love hate relationship. He drives me up the wall! He runs around the house like he's on drugs or something. He follows me everywhere and barks at anyone who dares knock at the door! But on the other hand he's very loving to those who give him love. So as much as he drives me bonkers (literally want to tear my hair out sometimes!) I probably wouldn't change him.
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Well, I am an animals lover myself and I currently have 4 cats, 5 fishes in a medium sized aquariom, also a bunch of rats in my house (joking lol), I was actually thinking about getting a dog but I do not really know, I will think about it better and see if I really can handle to have a dog.

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