Cartoons aimed at teenagers
Hi all,

We talk a lot about animation for kids and animation for adults, but what doesn't get discussed as much is animation that's aimed at teenagers. At first, I was scratching my head to think of any, but a few examples came to my head:

Daria - Aired on MTV and The N and had clear themes meant to appeal to teenagers. I believe it also aired in Canada on a block aimed at a teen audience on YTV.

Fred's Head - This was a Canadian cartoon on Teletoon that never left Canada, likely due to its sometimes touchy subject matter (such as the main protagonist being falsely accused as gay in one episode and being tricked into drinking sangria and getting drunk in another). I'm not entirely sure if it qualifies since Teletoon rated it as "C8", but it'd definitely be at least TV-PG here. 

O'Grady - An original cartoon for The N that no one seems to remember.

Can anyone think of other cartoons that deal with themes/aired on channels or blocks aimed at teenagers?

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